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Do You Know What We Need? #2

I love my tea, and frankly I can not get enough of it! I start my day with at least one cup before I leave home, another if I can afford the time when I arrive at work. Maybe another one or two throughout the day, and one just before bed.

How does this fall into the ‘Do You Know What We Need’ Catagory you ask?


  1. I love my tea, so much in fact I am known to carry around a couple of tea bags to get my quick fix.
  2. Sometimes when fate is against me, I come unprepared and have no access to a cup, mug or similar vessel in which to brew my tea.
  3. Imagine a cup, around the same shape and size as one of those cheap, nasty polystyrene foam cups.
  4. Got it? great! Now imagine, all you have to do is pull back the lid and add some hot water
  5. Viola! Tea is served.

Ok, sure, now that I read over it it sounds like a terrible idea. But I want all of you to know that it sounded lime a pitch perfect idea in my head. Who knows? Maybe I might just improve on it one day, to make it the best instant-tea idea ever!

Any ideas of improvement would be much appreciated.


On The Go

I have had quite the full schedule the last few days, and thought that I should put up a small post while I have the time.

I will also be unable to post till around this time tomorrow, so I might as well make this my normal post time. Seeing as i accomplished a whole truckload of not much today, I was holding out for a genius idea to pop into my head, just like it usually would on a day like this…

zilch, nip, nada..

So instead I will leave you with this picture of how I feel about the popular game, Minesweeper.

(Picture courtesy of


To Hashtag or not to hashtag?

Hashtags, #tag…

I understand the want to show everyone what your post is about or what you are feeling but how much is too much?

Since the arrival of social media, the world has changed. People have stopped calling others over the phone, and would rather send a message over a social media website instead. Seems kind of pointless, seeing as a majority of people use their Phones, but that is a different story. Today I want to talk about hashtags, the descriptive hash, that lets everyone know what you are feeling, doing, seeing or even just complete utter nonsense.

The hashtag has been around for longer then you think. it has been used in IRC (internet relay chat), but it made its way to fame with the social microblogging website Twitter. Beginning July, 2009, Twitter officially began to hyperlink their hashtags.

Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against hashtags… Generally…

But it does get to me when people start to tag ridiculous and stupid things, such as: #yolo, #lol, #hehe. I’m going to stop there before I try to tear my fingers off. Its these irrelevant tags that get to me. Also its the amount of tags that people put on their posts. I am fine with people putting six or seven, its when it hits the ten plus mark that it gets to me.
There should be a limit on these things.


I just want to know what other people think of these hashtags that have taken the world by storm. Even though at the time by this is posted, no one would have even viewed this blog. I remain optimistic.


No, Fair Systems are Not Fair

Definitely agreeable, people these days have a mindset that everything will be handed to you on a silver platter. Sure this would be the case if you: a) Mined the ore to make the silver, b) smelted the ore into the silver and c)worked the silver into your platter. No things in life are free, and everyone should know by now life is not fair. not even remotely. You need to work for everything that you have, unless you are one of the privileged to either be born into a privileged family, or just won the lotto. Myself, I am not from a privileged family, so I think I’ll take my chances at the latter.

If things do not work out the first few times, don’t complain to social media and say that it is the others fault and that life is unfair, try harder and work a little longer, you might get what you are looking for. Success is always just around the corner.


a flock of crows

Another week in the world of education, and another teenager, Ms Suzy Lee Weiss, has gone through the epiphany after several university rejections that university admissions systems are not fair. Well, no crap Sherlock.

Yes, yes, her writing is satire. Yes, it’s tongue-in-cheek and self-deprecating; she’s got so much wit and cleverness that she’ll go far…yada yada yada yawn. That she’s smart enough to write a piece of social commentary and not appear stupid on television isn’t really that amazing. There are many teenagers, all across the world, at many different ages, who are capable of the same things. It’s not a magic Midas touch, it’s simply a matter of temperament. Yes, she’s clever, but she really shouldn’t be afforded some special attention just because she’s pointed out what most people have known for ages:

Fair systems are not really fair.

Actually, I can’t think of a system that

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Do You Know What We Need? #1

A Bazooka.

Yes, you read that correctly. I saw a blog called The Squeaky Robot ( and on this blog I saw something that was unimaginably awesome. An Annual Pillow fight held in Washington. After browsing the photos, I noticed something was missing. They could all have done much better off with a PILLOW BAZOOKA! Sure it has already been thought of, but imagine if it was put into practice?

That is all for now.


National Pillow Fight Day

Would have been one hell of an event, do you know what would’ve made it better? A Pillow Bazooka!

The Squeaky Robot

Our country endured a war today, and it was slightly uncomfortable.

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The First Post

Don’t you just hate it how you get that genius idea or a brainwave that you just want to share with the world, but no one is usually around to listen, or they just can’t be bothered understand?

That happens to me….


Like you would not believe….

Let me not get ahead of everything,
I am me, someone who is not young nor old. People know who I am, but then they don’t remember. I would like to introduce myself as P.
Not very exciting, I know. But it will suffice.

I hereby declare this place as the dumping ground for all thoughts not tended to by an open ear, they may be boring, funny, numerous, pointless, genius, annoying, downright stupid or of any other description.

But hey, that’s what goes on in a mind isn’t it?

Let the fun begin.




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